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Engagement Photographer Knoxville

Wow! Christmas was amazing this year! Well, is it ever not amazing? I mean, it’s Jesus’ birthday after all. Sort of seems sacrilegious to say Christmas wasn’t good. But some of you might have had a super wonderful Christmas and were engaged over the holiday! Congrats! And now you’re on the hunt for your engagement photographer in Knoxville.

Engagement photography is really important. It may seem like just another step in the wedding planning process, but it’s much more than that. Most likely, you’ll use those images for your save the dates. You’ll also connect with a wedding photographer to shoot your engagement photos and you want to be looking at how you interact to see if this photographer a good fit for your wedding. It can be intimidating and feel like its impossible to know what you’re looking for because most likely this is your first experience with a wedding photographer. How do you know they’ll show up to your wedding and how do you know they’re trustworthy? Is their work quality? How do you know they’re passionate about their craft and not just someone trying to make a few extra dollars while partying at your wedding? Keep reading.

Knoxville Engagement Photographer

When considering an engagement photographer (and ultimately, your wedding photographer) check out their website and look at their style. Do you like what you see? Could you see yourself in their photographs? Knowing what style of photography you like will help guide you in your choice.

Also when looking at a specific photographer, check out their reviews online. There are a LOT of places a photographer can be reviewed. Google, Wedding Wire, The Knot –these are just a few places they can show up. Read their reviews. Every one! You want to look for phrases like “(he/she) was so good we didn’t even know she was there!” or “I had no idea (he/she) was capturing that moment but I’m so glad they did!”. Do you really want to remember your wedding photographer as being in your space the whole day? I didn’t when I got married. I wanted my photographer to capture the unfolding events, not constantly reminding me that we were running behind. You want to see if they’re easy to work with and how easily they communicate. You don’t want to be in a situation on your wedding day and can’t get in touch with your photographer.

Also bear in mind, even the best photographers with the greatest customer service may have a negative review. But read what that reviewer said. If they didn’t show up to a wedding they were paid to shoot (excluding life/death emergencies, etc)  then yes, they deserve that and I wouldn’t trust them with my business. But if someone is just leaving a nasty review that’s totally subjective and not fact-based, then I wouldn’t factor that into my decision.

Reading reviews will show you how trustworthy and passionate they are about their craft.

Engaged Couple in Knoxville TN

Knoxville Wedding Photographer

Wondering if a certain photographer’s work is quality? Ask to see an entire wedding gallery. Knowing that brides want to see what you can do in difficult situations, I always have a few galleries I can share. Each gallery is a little different in that it shows a rainy day wedding, a sunny day, and maybe a dimly lit church wedding. If a photographer won’t share a full gallery with you, that raises a red flag. I even have a few brides that have told me they are happy to talk to any prospective brides I might have to answer questions in person. A photographer is a big investment into your wedding day. You should be able to have your questions answered.


Hopefully this has helped you in your thought process in selecting an engagement photographer and a wedding photographer. I would of course be honored to chat with you personally about your wedding day. You can do that by clicking contact.

Good luck on your hunt for your dream photographer!