Planning for the perfectGetting Ready Shotson your wedding day

Everyone has seen those gorgeous getting-ready shots of the bride getting ready to marry the love of her life. The lighting is perfect, the smiles genuine–but these images are not just good luck. Perfect images are rarely captured by chance and are most commonly the result of a lot of planning. I have been thinking about getting into Video Production for a while and it’s starting to become a passion of mine. I obviously take photos every day, so I thought, how hard can it be? Well, there’s a lot that goes into a perfect video or picture… trust me!

Choosing the Location For Getting Ready Shots

I remember when Jessie came to me with her wedding day plans. As a videographer at Muddy Trails she has an insiders view into what makes great “getting ready” shots. Jessie chose the “Ready or Knot” suite offered by Proximity Hotel, a suite available just for brides getting ready for their wedding. This type of suite is available at most hotels and is a lovely option for your getting ready shots. One word of advice we offer is that the getting ready venue be close to your wedding venue, if not on site.

Creating the Perfect Setting For Getting Ready Shots

But if you’re operating with a budget that doesn’t allow this expense, the site does not have to be a hotel. The location can be in front of a window in a home, hotel, even in a backyard! Wherever the location might be, consider these factors:

  1. Is there plenty of natural light? Natural light is the most flattering and creates these gorgeous airy images.
  2. Is there plenty of room to store all of the bride and bridesmaids’ “stuff” so that images will not be cluttered?
  3. Is the color palette in the room neutral? Is there a lot of busy decor and artwork on the walls?

Final Considerations for your Getting Ready Shots

Now that you know how to create the setting for stunning getting ready images, consider how you can make this time a fun time for your bridal party. Having snacks and drinks on hand will not only keep everyone hydrated and fed, this will keep everyone’s glucose level running high and will translate to much more relaxed and happy images!

In conclusion, I truly believe that with a little preparation, planning and consideration, you can have gorgeous images of your “getting ready” moments that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Gown: Myline’s Bridal

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