Greensboro College WeddingFilm Scans

Greensboro College Wedding

Last Summer I had the honor of photographing Bryce & Jessie’s wedding at Greensboro College. What an awesome honor it was! They are the sweetest couple, and are so completely in love. Their wedding was truly sweet to witness and capture. While at Proximity Hotel and at the Chapel, I shot a few rolls of  film on my Canon Elan, one of Canon’s last pro film cameras. Bryce & Jessie were gracious enough to let me experiment on their wedding day. I really enjoyed capturing a few images from Bryce & Jessie’s day and am really excited about the newest addition to my cameras, the Contax 645.

Why Shoot Film at Weddings?

Film captures skin tones so beautifully. While admittedly, this film and camera combination are not the absolute best on the market, I really love how vintage these images look. For my first roll of film in probably a decade, I’m thrilled with the results! I also want to note that I would never photograph a full wedding exclusively on film. Why risk losing images when you have the security of digital? That’s why I will only ever shoot film as an adjunct to digital. I love the softness of film, but I’ll always love the security and instant gratification of digital.

Keep an eye out for more film wedding images in the future! As I announced in my previous blog about film weddings, I’ll be shooting film free of charge at most of my weddings in 2017! I am really looking forward to providing even more beautiful images to brides and grooms in the coming year. Contact us to see if you qualify for free bridal portraits or engagement session at

I hope you enjoy these sweet images. You can also see the digital files to their Greensboro College Wedding.

Happy Tuesday!