Wedding Photographer Prices Knoxville tn

Engaged Couple at Estate Of Grace Farm in Knoxville TN

Wedding Photographer Prices Knoxville tn

Are you someone who recently became engaged over the holidays? Congrats! You have probably begun your search for wedding photography Minneapolis. You may be a bit confused about wedding photographer prices. That’s ok! This article is going to try to explain some of the differences in prices and what may account for that. You’ll find most photographers across the world will offer a break down of their pricing and why a particular package costs $2600 USD, you would be able to find the same information on other sites like Sergey Lapkovsky Photography who has a great setup over in Long Island! Without further ado, here’s the breakdown.

Knoxville Wedding Photographers

Why does one Knoxville photographer charge $10k plus while another charges $2600 for an entire wedding? A lot of the variance in prices of photographers is based on a few things. First, education and or a mix of experience sometimes dictates price. Some photographers have been to prestigious schools and learned technical photography at a big university and have had 20+ years of experience shooting weddings. That’s awesome for them! Some photographers in Knoxville may not have had a formal photography education, but are self-taught and have a specific “look” to their work–a God-given talent– that not everyone else has. They experience high volumes of inquiries every week and feel that due to demand, have chosen to limit the number of weddings they’ll do and thus have raised their prices due to their popularity. Wow! That’s so awesome that the wedding photography industry is thriving and businessmen and businesswomen are so successful! It’s also awesome to think that the economy is rebounding so well that couples can afford the wedding photographers they really want!

Another reason that a wedding photographer charges what they charge, is simple business math. You have to have a specific amount of income coming in to keep your business and personal life afloat.

Film Photographers in Knoxville tn

If you’ve contacted wedding photographers in Knoxville and in neighboring Asheville or Nashville, you may have noticed that film photography is becoming popular. But film photography is expensive! I own and shoot the Contax 645 film camera (arguably the best film camera in the wedding industry), but it’s not cheap. Each shot I take on my film camera costs me roughly $2. That may not sound like much, but when you multiply that times a full wedding (1000+ images), it gets pricey quickly! The cost of purchasing the film and processing the film is where the $2/shot comes in. That’s why you’ll notice a big price difference between film photographers in Knoxville and digital photographers.

Wedding Photographer Prices Knoxville tn

One last observation I have on wedding photography prices in Knoxville is, you do truly get what you pay for. Have you heard about the photographer in Nashville who only charges $550 for a full wedding? That price sounds amazing from a financial standpoint. But you can read how that price point played out for couples in this Nashville news article . She no-shows on a regular basis. There’s a police investigation going on right now. Anyone who is charging $1000 or less for a full 8-hour wedding–quite possibly does not have a legitimate business. I could be wrong, but in my 5 years of experience photographing weddings, this has been the case every time I’ve heard of someone shooting weddings for less than $1000. And that’s not because photographers are just greedy and think highly of themselves.

I like to tell brides who question my pricing, that for every hour that I’m shooting you at your wedding, I’m behind a computer for at least 4-6 more. So for an 8-hour wedding, I’m working for them by editing, communicating with them, or creating galleries for at least 24-48 business hours. That’s a full week of work for most job classifications. I used to work as a nurse in the hospital setting and we would get what they call “shift differential” or “weekend differential”. That is, bonus wages for working at nights or on a weekend. Seeing as how most couple’s weddings are on weekends and end late at night (which I looove! I’m a night owl over here!), I believe the wages that Knoxville wedding photographers earn are fair.

I hope this article has been helpful and my true intention of educating new brides shines through. I remember those days of thinking “Wow, photographers charge lawyers’ fees!”. But after reading this, I hope it clears up the misconception about wedding photographer prices in Knoxville.

Happy Wedding Planning!