Bryce & Jessie'sGreensboro College WeddingAugust 27th, 2016

Bryce & Jessie’s beautiful day started at Proximity Hotel in Greensboro. The hotel was abuzz with the excitement of the day. As I entered the Ready or Knot dressing room where Jessie was preparing for the day, I felt an uncommon calm about the room that I don’t usually feel the day of the wedding. Usually there’s a lot of scurrying around with many finalizing details of the day–not Jessie. She was sitting back enjoying the moments as they happened around her, and the anticipation of what was to come.

Brittany Crowder was busily working to enhance the beauty of the bridesmaids–her work is stunning by the way! The dresses from Myline’s Bridal lined the windows setting the perfect backdrop. Everyone was happy and relaxed–exactly how every wedding day should be, in my opinion.

We quickly got to work on pictures and getting Jessie ready for her big day! After a quick trip from Proximity to Greensboro College in a London Taxi, (and reading a sweet note from Bryce!) Jessie was quickly ushered to her awaiting father.

Inside the chapel, Bryce was standing on the platform, pocket silk in hand and already using it! I have never seen more tears from a groom. So sweet! But nothing could compare to the look on his face when he saw his bride for the first time. I began to tear up myself! I loved how the ceremony was not just a wedding ceremony, but a picture of Christ’s love for the church. After communion and washing of feet, saying of vows and exchanging of rings, Bryce and Jessie became Mr. & Mrs. Suriano. What excitement there was as the couple exited!

The after-party was incredible! With music by DJ Alex with Spinn the party was hopping from the word go! It was such a fun wedding to witness, capture, and now present. Alex and I wish Bryce and Jessie all the best on their new life together.
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